Setting up rc-httpd

rc-httpd is a web server written in rc and shipped with 9front; It is used to host and, among other related websites. It relies on listen/listen1 for network listening, and invokes /rc/bin/rc-httpd/select-handler in order to decide how to serve the requested page. For setting up a simple web page:

A list of available handlers, along with set/used environment variables and more information about the select-handler script is available at rc-httpd(8). /sys/log/www may contain useful debugging information, in case things don’t work.

Congratulations! You’ve just got yourself a 100% genuine 9front-hosted webshit, complete with everything one could ever ask for! I’m sorry.

Werc with rc-httpd

Werc is a minimalist web “anti-framework” written in rc; It powers, and other related websites. For using it together with rc-httpd:

Congratulations! Your 9front-hosted webshit should now be using werc.