Plumber + vt: accessing remote Unix files

It’s possible to use OSC 7 extension for easier plumbing of paths displayed in vt(1). First, for each machine you’re planning to ssh+vt into, set up sshfs(4). Example:

   sshfs -s myhost -r / myhost
   plumb 'Local mount -c /srv/myhost /n/myhost'

The name in “/n/myhost” path MUST be the hostname of the remote machine - run hostname there to check.

For the remote shell to start sending OSC 7 messages, follow these instructions. You might want to replace ${HOSTNAME} with ${HOSTNAME%.lan} to get rid of .lan suffix, depending on how your hosts are shown in /n/....

If you intend to use tmux, it’s required to enable the extension explicitly since tmux does not know what vt(1) is capable of. Example:

   $ cat ~/.tmux.conf
   set-option -s terminal-features[2] xterm*:osc7

This option forces tmux to believe that your terminal emulator supports OSC 7 extension.