THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION: initial (and main) source of knowledge is still FQA.

This is community wiki, a repository of live documents covering plan9/front theory, usage, and development.

ACHTUNG! The software running wiki is a work-in-progress prototype. See the technical details.[not up to date.]

How to access

Document updates are periodically fetched by the backend, which renders the document tree and makes it available for reading via 9p and HTTP.


Visit with a web browser.


The document source repository is currently hosted and available for browsing here.

Get it locally for reading:

   git/clone git://

For reading and writing:

   git/clone hjgit://

Everyone is invited to get write access by joining Shithubâ„¢. Otherwise you may submit patches to the oftc/#cat-v IRC channel, or to the mailing list, or communicating with your favorite editor.

Contributed documents are mostly expected to be markdown-formatted files, denoted by the .md file extension.

The formatting syntax used by the markdown processor discount used by the backend is documented in the manual page markdown(6).

Additionally, plain text files and HTML documents may be entered into the repository with file extensions .txt and .shtml, respectively. These will be copied verbatim into the rendered document tree.

Warning only one of, a.txt, or a.shtml may exist at the same time. Otherwise the document generation will fail. This is a problem with the current implementation and may be fixed in the future.

Images and other static content is best hosted outside this repository. Dedicated upload and stable link space may be provided later.