Learning 9front HOWTO

Learning a new system with a strange user interface is daunting. Here’s encouragement to set you on the right track.

On Language

Technical fields use jargon to succinctly describe stuff. It’s like learning a new language.

The only way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it. This is called “maximizing language input”.

Learning comes slowly with time, reading, and practice. Therefore, do not be afraid to go on without understanding everything.

Introductory Material

You will need to load the 9front ISO to an installation medium, like a USB flash drive. Use your favorite web search engine to learn how.

Once booted, type ‘man 0intro’ (no quotes) and press enter. This is a basic overview of the system.

The FQA is the general setup and maintenance guide.

nemo’s 9intro is the most comprehensive introduction to Plan 9 programming.

The man pages are read using ‘man [section] [page name]’ and can be searched with ‘lookman [keyword]’.

Users will refer to man pages and their section like so: intro(1) man(1) webfs(4)

/sys/doc contains system design documentation, read using page(1)

Wiki for additional help (some info may be outdated).

Miscellaneous Plan 9 websites