MNT Reform

See reform(1).

See sl’s MNT reform page.

Latest release: check for *.reform.img.gz.torrent. This one boots from an SD card.

Making 9front boot from EMMC, without an SD card


First, make sure to run the latest (dated 2023-01-15, at least) kernel.

The guide assumes you have NVME connected, in which case internal EMMC should be showing as /dev/sdO0, /dev/sdO1 and /dev/sdO2. The first one is “user” range, where by default the Linux recovery partition is situated. The other two are “boot” partitions, where U-Boot resides (/dev/sdO1 specifically).

If NVME is not present, sdO* becomes sdN*.

Early boot may be interrupted with a key press. The current boot process is to try USB drives first, then an SD card, and finally boot from EMMC.

If something went terribly wrong and you think the device is bricked, fear not! Change the heatsink boot switch into SD card boot mode and go from there.